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Monday, December 24, 2012

Inspiration has no time.

It’s true. You can never know when or how the next idea for a novel or the inspiration to continue an existing one, will come. It can come from every little thing. Me for example I have some experiences to share.

The first one is for the novel I just finished (the first draft at least cause I have a lot to do before I can release it.) I had a story in my mind but not specific things. It was summer and I was shopping with my cousin when I heard a little bell ringing from a jewel she was wearing on her ankle. That moment while I was keep walking I saw the image I wanted for my book and the words formed in my mind. And when I did write it after months, when my story demanded it, it just felt right.

The second time was again for the same novel. I was in bed trying to sleep thinking the next chapter. I knew how I wanted to continue it, but I just couldn’t make it happen. A small phrase formed in my mind and I just woke up and wrote the whole chapter. It is still one of my favorites.
A third time that I can remember is when I was writing my first novel, DAZED. I was actually asleep but an idea crossed my mind like a flash and I took my notepad and wrote half a chapter. The same happened again for the prologue for my second novel. I am sure that every writer has moments like these and I’d love to hear them. So, share it with me if you want.

Inspiration can come at any moment and by any random thing and we just have to grab it and expand it, make it a story. There were few times that I ignored my idea and I regretted it, so don’t make the same mistake. Writing has no days, times, hours or holidays. When you write you write full time and every day and night until your work finished and you are ready to read it again and again and again, changing it, making it more beautiful, more precise, making it ready for everybody to read. As writers, our mind never gets peace; at least mine doesn’t…yours? Tell me about it. 

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  1. Nice post, A. There were times when I let ideas flys past me with hope that I'd remember them again. I always didn't remember them. Now I've got my notepad or cellphone in handy for those idea moments. If I'm on the computer, then I type the idea into my 'Future Projects' Folder.

    Which reminds me of a story idea I just got yesterday. First time I'm thinking 'dystopian' Stored it into my computer as quickly as it came to me.

    As for inspiration during the writing process, a popular author(can't remember his name) once said, 'I see to it that I'm inspired every morning by 5 o'clock' So inspiration really has no time.