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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Try to do what you love and life will find a way to reward you.

Something I tweeted yesterday inspired me to write this post today. I said: “Try to do what you love and life will find a way to reward you.” I strongly believe that and I want to talk about it a little further.

Here is the thing. It is very important being able to do what you really like but as life goes on and we are growing, our priorities change and sometimes we are forced to let our dream jobs in order to do something else.
Maybe because that will pay better and we need the money, maybe because we lost our passion for what we really love or we can’t do it for other practical reasons. Whatever are the circumstances or the problems we are currently facing, I say we don’t give up. Being able to do your passion it is a very powerful thing and frankly when you are doing a job you like…you do it way better!

Is it easy though to follow your dream? Saying it is easy but what happens when you are troubled and confused and you must make a choice? Plus how much time can you give to your dream before you decide that it is better to stay a dream? We don't have all the answers and nothing is simple and nothing will come effortless but one is for sure. We ought to give it a fair shot and see where it might lead us. That way we will never think “what if?”, we will have an answer to make our peace and I believe that most of the times we will not regret it because life always finds a way to reward us!:)

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