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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holidays and work...collide!

So, holidays are good and we all want them. We get to rest from our job, to see friends and family, to do things that we couldn’t because of the everyday routine, to spend more time with kids and parents and generally holidays are days of joy and love. But is this really what people do on holidays?

Let me tell you about me. On holidays I return to my parents’ house which is good because I want to see them and I have missed them but there are some difficulties. First of all, I have to pack my things and travel six our by the bus, but if you rule that out, the problem is that we don’t have internet connection at home which means that my cell phone is on fire and so does my cell’s bill. OK, at least I have internet so I will not complain, but the main problem which I believe many people face with the holidays, is the lack of schedule.

One way or another, in everyday life we have a rhythm that we act and work. We have an order in our life which works for us and our closest persons and we are happy and productive. That is how it is with me at least, but when I move for holidays that changes. Coming home means that I don’t get to work like I was because a million other things demand my attention now. It might be the simplest to talk and drink coffee with my parents, or to help in the house, or walk the dogs or something like that. But the thing that matters the most is that I don’t have much time alone and so I can’t write or edit or read. And when I manage to find some time something else will come up and distract me.

My point is that on holidays it is easier to lost concentration and neglects the things you love. My advice is to try and make time so we can enjoy the festivities, family and everything else we want but not at the expense of our work! 

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