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Thursday, February 9, 2017


There are those moments when time stops. It slows down and I feel every second passing by, as if in slow motion. Those times life is sinking slowly into my brain, getting deeper through the layers of tissue and nerves, writing down my emotions and feelings like a good old secretary, so none of it will ever be forgotten. 

Those are the moments that life transforms; it changes and becomes a memory.  

Like that time when I was in Paris, walking towards Sacré-Cœur crossing a narrow street packed with tourists. The day was cloudy but some faint rays of light escaped the thickness of the clouds and spread a whitish light all over the place; so contradictory to the drops of rain that were falling on my skin. I remember smiling and gazing around amazed and carefree, when my boyfriend-who walked a few steps behind me- called my name.  

And that is when I felt it. As I turned slightly around so I can look at him, the air felt thicker, a drop of rain crushed on my cheek and time almost stopped. That was the moment that present turned into memory.

That specific moment I had full awareness of myself and my surroundings, my mind was empty of everything else and I was really able to enjoy each breath, each sight and smell- that I somehow knew-would last forever.  

We lose so many moments just because we are not really paying attention. We forgot to feel the moment thinking that each day is going to be the same, and we sure as hell, overestimating routine.

Change it. Feel each moment because that is where life is hiding. 


  1. I love this, Athina! You took me to that moment. I could see the rain slow and hit with a bigger impact. I just love it. I have slow-motion moments, but usually it's in an emergency. There was a moment this week when I felt my emotions were twisting my mood and everything I was experienced and I felt myself lean back to get away from the feelings and look around. I popped my earbuds out of my ears and listened until I didn't matter and what I experienced around me did. But it was that lean back that probably wasn't even visible, but it felt huge. Good stuff! Happy flying!

    1. If it's an emergency to me it happens the other way around. Seems that everything goes fast and I don't really know what is happening.

      It's huge isn't it? To be able to experience everything, to just feel in in your skin.

      I wish for more of those moments of awareness, Robyn!

      Happy swimming!;)