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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gillian Flynn: The Grownup

When I saw that there was another book by Gillian Flynn, even if it was a short story, I just had to read it! So I ran to my favorite bookstore and bought a copy of The Grownup.

From the first paragraph, since I don't usually read the back cover synopsis, it was obvious that there's yet another troubled character. And I was hooked!

It starts like this: 
“I didn't stop giving hand jobs because I wasn't good at it. I stopped giving hand jobs because I was the best at it!”

How's that for the beginning of a book, huh? 

So in my mind, it has become a thing. New Flynn book equals an amazing read, focused on a troubled MC with an interesting plot and an extraordinary ending.

How can I resist?

I read the book with a smile on my face and not because it was a happy story. If it was, I would have gasped because I can't really think of Flynn writing a happy, carefree story. Our MC here is a con artist and she has her fair share of troubles and pain to share. She wants easy money and when she sees that a big fish is on the hook, she can hardly resist. But things don't exactly turn out as she would like. Not even once Flynn's character will get what they want!

What I loved about this one is the spooky element. Ghosts, haunted houses and fortune telling are a very interested topic especially if you tie them all up with a canny young woman. This story is so cleverly written that I couldn't predict what actually was going on. Not even when the book was coming to an end. I couldn't tell what had really had happened and that is what I need in a book!

That's the main reason I love Flynn's stories. She surprises me, thrills me and makes me want to read more.

Just pick up this book and try to solve that mystery. Can you? 

Here's a challenge!

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