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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Think Out Loud: Random Thoughts

This is Think out Loud. It’s a weekly meme created to help bloggers break out from the blogging bubble. The rules are simple. We post whatever we want and let people know what’s in our mind. Visit the creator on Thinks Books and join too. It’s so cool to share your random thoughts.

I’m posting a little late today. 

I don’t really have something specific in mind. My head is swamped with a million thoughts that causes me a headache. Maybe it’s because I can’t find some peace and quiet. Having some time alone, it’s too important and the last week I was so busy cleaning and putting some things in order that I hardly had time to do anything else.

But as much I want to believe this is the reason my head is going to explode, I know this is just the distraction. Keeping my head occupied with other stuff is the best I can do to avoid the things that matter the most. Because I don’t really want to think about the serious stuff these days.

So I clean, I walk the dogs, I wash the dishes, I read a few pages, I go for a coffee with some friends and I edit. 

Just a few days left for this year to end. Let’s see how the new one will be like. 


  1. I hope the very best for 2014. New stories and characters that thrill and delight, new adventures that quiet the past, and most certainly laughs, so many laughs. Your distractions all sound like good ones. I don't go out for coffee with friends much because I sort of isolated myself in my marriage and then with Will's autism, but I'm trying to get out there now. Don't forget TV and movies. They are great to suspend reality for a bit. We're going to be badass in 2014, Athina. Just watch us soar!!

    1. I'm smiling. You can't see me, but I'm smiling as I read your words. I wish, Robyn. I look forward for a new year, a new promising start.
      It's good that you're trying to get out there and I believe you will. I wish an amazing year for you, your boys and your loved ones.
      I believe we're going to be badass in 2014, Robyn. And I can't wait!

  2. My head is always swamped with thoughts, too; makes it hard to sleep sometimes! Sounds like you have some good distractions to keep you occupied, though. So hard to believe that 2013 is practically gone. Hope 2014 treats you well!

    1. It is exhausting sometimes when you can't really relax, right?
      I wish you a wonderful 2014, Heather!

  3. Oh do keep a clear head and hope for the best for the new one. It's always tough when the new year is coming with still a whole lot of things to do. But laugh a lot and keep occupying yourself with friends and families. If not that then go out and enjoy yourself. Spa time, relaxations and other things. Be happy!!!!!

    1. Oh, I wish I could go to a spa! A drink is a good relaxation too. :)
      Be happy too. A new year is coming!!
      Let's make it wonderful!!