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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Harry Hole: The Snowman

Oh, I already love this post. It’s been a while since I wrote about a book, but I was waiting for a good one. And we have a winner. 

As the title says, today I’m going to talk about The Snowman. For those who haven’t heard about it, it’s a thriller written by the Norwegian author Jo Nesbo, and it’s so damn good. Maybe it’s the best of the books I’ve read this year.

So, join me to a spoiler free talk about the book. I know you’ll love it. 

The main character is the Inspector Harry Hole and The Snowman isn’t his first story. If I’m not mistaken, his story begins in The Bat, but every book is a new mystery and so you can start this series form the book you like. I started with this one and I don’t regret it.

Harry Hole is a very interesting character. And not because he is so perfect and handsome. Harry Hole is full of flaws and that’s what makes him real. In this book, Hole tries to stay sober and focused, since he finds himself confronted with a serial killer. And Harry knows that "Soon the first snow will come and then he will appear again. And when the snow has gone…he will have taken someone else."

From the beginning of this book I felt trapped in it, but in the good way. The story is powerful, with twists and turns that you can’t even imagine. Hole is a simple and complicated person at the same time, and I found myself connecting with him.

The book is written in many POV’s and I love that. With many POV’s we see the bigger picture and it’s like we are there with the characters, chasing a crazy killer that leaves behind a snowman. The story flows naturally and keeps the interest from the beginning until the end. And as we travel with Hole, we also see some parts from twenty-four years ago and that makes us wonder even more. What this parts has to do with the story? Is Harry going to find the killer? Will he be the same after this investigation?  Who is the snowman? Don’t worry, Nesbo gives us all the answers we want and he delivers them so well that I personally loved the book, the character and the author.

So, that’s The Snowman, by Jo Nesbo…

I know that my journey with Hole has just began and I already bought another story with him, Nemesis, but that’s for another post.

How about you? What do you think about the book? Have you read The Snowman or any other Harry Hole story? 


  1. Great review Athina! I am definitely going to check out the Harry Hole series now! Thanks for sharing :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  2. Great review, Athina. You know I like mysteries too, so this is a must-add to my ever growing TBR. I really want to know who that Snowman is. I hope he's some bad twisted serial killer. (I love reading about them) :)

    I haven't heard of Jo Nesbo before, and that's why I like book reviews: it introduces you to new books you might like. :)

    Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Yes, you're right. With reviews you learn so much. There countless books out there. We can't possibly know them all.

      You must read The Snowman. It has a twisted serial killer and I know you'll like it.

  3. Have never heard of this book or author before, but I'm definitely intrigued now! Mysteries never fail to be fun reads. :)

    1. Mysteries are the best!
      I read many kinds of books, but mysteries are special. It's the way they make your mind spin. Oh, I love them.

      But The Snowman is a must-read. :)

  4. You make me want to read this book and I'm too wussy for serial killer books! I'm going to think about The Snowman for a long time just from your awesome review! I do like a flawed protagonist. I'll tip toe around this one until I brave up. Jo Nesbo would love this review!

    1. I smiled reading your comment.
      You need to brave up and read it. When you've catch your first serial killer, you'll want more. I'm telling's addictive.Well, unless you can't sleep after it, which isn't good. :)