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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Hi, you missed me? I know I missed you.
I’m currently away from home and it’s too hard to keep my daily routine. Plus, I don’t have internet connection here. Thanks to technology though, I managed to upload this post from my phone. I hope you’ll enjoy it.  Today’s topic is … disorientation.

Here’s the thing. I’m a student and that’s why there are some times within the year that I have to visit my parents. As good as that is, it’s bad for many other things. It’s just that I can’t follow my everyday routine here and I’ll have to suffer the consequences.

  • First of all, I can’t write and so my third book has to wait, which is bad and I really don’t like it. There are some things that I need to take care of and everything is so difficult and I can’t relax or find any time to write. 
  • Dazed has to wait too. Many of you know that I am editing my first book with help from the critique group, Critique Circle. Now that I don’t have internet connection, I can’t critique other stories and I can’t upload more chapters. That’s too upsetting because CC needs time and now I’m losing important weeks. I’m so sad about this because editing is too difficult and now it feels a lot worse. I’m afraid that the editing will never stop. I fear that no one ever is going to read Dazed and I don’t want for this to happen.
  • I can’t follow the blogs and I can’t read your posts. That’s very sad too. I read some from my phone, but it’s not the same. Plus, I lost last week's Feature and Follow. I hope I can make it this week. I really want to read your posts and chat with you.
  • My reading is limited. I started The Snowman by Jo Nesbo, but I read only a few pages the day. So far it’s really good and I am anxious to see what’s going to happen.

Well, as you can see I feel disoriented and sad. I can't do the things I love and I feel like I am crushed under a ton of rocks and I’m struggling to make it to the surface. What can I say… it’s one of those days.

Have you ever felt like this? Like everything is just too much for you to handle? Share with me your experiences if you like. 

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  1. I can imagine how you feel, as if you've been disconnected from the world. You want to follow your daily routine, but you can't. It happens sometimes to everyone. I remember being in the hospital and thinking about my blog, Critters, my novel, and I felt so bad. Back then, it seemed to me like I'd be stuck in the hospital forever and I'd never get back again to my normal routine.

    But all I had to do was WAIT patiently, because I knew it wouldn't take forever and I'd be out of there soon.

    Just try and wait too. It won't take forever. Cherish the time you spend with your family. You might even see this as a resting period, from all the stress of school activities. Just cheer up and don't get yourself bored. SMILE! :)

    I miss your posts here too and can't wait to see you get back to action.

    I hope you enjoy The Snowman! :)