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Monday, January 7, 2013


Time is a very important factor but as important as it is, I am not sure if we use it wise. At least I know I could use my time way better than I do. “The trouble is you think you have time.” I read this quote some weeks ago and it has stuck in my mind for good. It is so true don’t you agree? 

So, we think we have time and what we do? We wake up a little later than usual thinking that there is no harm on it, we are distracted from our work for a million reasons and we say “OK, I will do this tomorrow”, we close ourselves in the house and we isolate from the rest of the world thinking that we will get out there as soon as we finish our job. Well, I believe we should rethink the way we act. I don’t say that it is wrong to do those things, but we must do all kind of things because time is limited.

I don’t want to bring you down but time flies so fast and we must take advantage of every second. We think we have time and before we know it we lose the deadline for our project, or we lose the bus to work, or something else fails. Let’s not lose ourselves too. It’s a common thing for me to leave something and say “I will do it later.” But later there might be something else which demand my attention and that goes on and on and a chaos is created. Let’s put a schedule and stick to it. Life will be so much easier then and time will be on our side.

The trouble is we think we have time because if we were thinking differently we would have acted differently. Send queries to agents TODAY, work on your novel NOW, go out with friends for an hour, drink, dance, travel, watch a movie. Years are passing by so fast. 

It's 2013 already and before we know it we'll be getting ready to welcome another year. So, let’s make THIS year count by completing all the things we postpone. We don’t have time even if in our mind looks like eternity is in our side. A book needs time to be out there, time for people to find it, read it, like it. Let’s make it available as soon as possible and give it the time it needs because we THINK we have time. And that is what make us relaxed and calm and secure. I say we don’t be, because that will be the moment when we will be productive and in a constant rush and adrenaline will kick in and then, maybe we do have time to fulfill our goals, to make our dreams come true and live our lives as vividly as we can. 

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