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Saturday, January 5, 2013


I’m too excited today because I will talk about my first book. If you have read my posts, you may have noticed that I haven’t written the title anywhere. A reason I avoided it, was what I said in my previous post. I had uploaded it as a trial and now it still exists even if I have it as a draft on my KPD, because I still work on it. So, today I found the courage to talk about it with title and blurb and all. So…here we are.

My first book is DAZED and it is an adventure/mystery novel. The main character is a young woman named 
Natalie Hartt, who was raised without knowing anything about her biological mother. Natalie’s need to know the woman who brought her to life makes her start looking for her but this is something that no one wants. Not even her father. Angry, sad and disappointed she will start searching for her alone and that is the moment where her nightmare begins. A chain of events will start unwrapping slowly and Natalie will have to face them all. What will she do when the story is out? When she decides that…some things are better to stay hidden.

It is a story with action, killings, love, mystery, surprises and maybe with a happy ending…or not! I will not tell. So far friends who have read DAZED told me that they were curious to see how the story will continue and find out the things I was keeping them hidden. As they told me they were surprised too by some events and generally they loved it. I think this is a good start but of course there are a lot yet to be done .

Well, that’s it…I found the courage to speak about my novel. Writing DAZED took me many months and hard work and I hope I will be able to publish it within February. It is 100,000 words so far but with draft 5 I don’t know how this will go. Feel free to comment on my blurb. I am always happy to hear your corrections and if you liked it or not. 


  1. I think it sounds very interesting and good job!
    I'm also writing a supernatural/mystery/thriller novel. I've called it Murder Case: The Secret. You can find my novel chapters on my blog as a special preview. I've followed you, by the way. I love finding aspiring writers with the same common goal.
    I hope you complete your story (don't worry, I've drafted mine MANY times) and that it becomes a bestseller. I always dream that my book will be become one as I walk by bookstores. :)

    Good luck, Athina!


    1. Thank you very much Mindy. I wish the best for you too. Bestseller sounds like a very crazy dream but you never know, right? hehe. I followed you too and I will read your chapters and let you know. :)
      I like too when I have the chance to talk with other writers and I believe we all must support each other.
      Good luck.