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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fireflies in a jar

Thoughts. Random words and unconnected sentences.

A part of chapter here, a growing idea which is not ready yet to become real, and more flashes of stories flying by, untouchable.  I feel like I’m chasing fireflies but my net is too small and so I end up with one little shining creature at a time.

And I’m anxious, eager to write them all down and let magic happen but we do know that magic comes with a price and so I need to slow down. One thing at a time is good, one little butt-shinning creature will draw more to the light.

And then, suddenly, I wake up the middle in of the night because the light blinds me. The butt-shining creatures are too many, too beautiful and I can’t wait any longer. My jars are ready to burst from the light and the bugs I’ve stuffed inside. My face aches from the wide smile.

Then I know it’s time. It’s here. Now.

So, who cares if the sun didn't rise yet, who gives a shit about the million other things that need to be done? That moment right there, is what I was waiting for. So I grab the jars, toss the lids and let the fireflies illuminate my way.

Who needs more than passion? 


  1. This is so awesome, Athina! You are such an artist. Honestly. I feel like a sleepwalking writer when I read this. I don't see myself waking up in the middle of the night unless it's to play mom. My creative side is taking serious issue with how tired I am lately. I just love this though. I can see you and your big smile writing away in a blitz of story whispers and shouts. Good stuff!!

    Happy flying, Athina!

    1. I'm blushing, Robyn. Really my cheeks are crimson. I never think myself that way. I only know that when I don't do it, when I don't write, or read, or think about a story, then I'm miserable.

      Even when I'm in not in a good mood, writing can turn it around. And even if it doesn't last after I stop writing, for those hours I was happy. And that's enough.

      I hope you get to write soon, and be inspired because is too damn good do be on pause. :)