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Monday, June 16, 2014

The book make you cheer and the movie make you bleed

I watched the Vampire Academy movie. I’m not thrilled. Actually I’m mad. 

What was that?

Okay, let me calm down a little.

Since I had watched the movie trailer, I knew it wouldn’t be so good. It was clearly not the book I had read and loved. It was not the book that blew my mind and the great series I always recommend to everybody. I mean … What Richelle Mead was thinking about? Throughout the movie I wanted to find her, grab her by the shoulders and ask: Don’t you see that they’re destroying your book? Oh, man!

I think you know I hated that movie. And I wanted to like it, I really did. I had read comments and people said that it was nothing like the book, but it was good and funny. I wanted to believe that. But …

Rose was obnoxious and kind of reckless. Where is the strong, structured personality I had read about? 

Where is her strong body? I saw a skinny girl with boobs. Rose was juicy, curvy. She was so irritating and I was more irritated that they destroyed a character like Rose.

What about Dimitri you’d be wondering. Well, Dimitri was good. He was serious and focused like he should be, but given the way Rose was on the movie … let’s say she doesn’t deserve him. The other characters were fine, but I wasn’t thrilled.

This movie should be mind-blowing, adventurous and breathtaking. Something like The Hunger Games. Can you imagine Hunger Games in a comedy version? I can’t. So how can I watch Vampire Academy in a version like that?

I’m hurting inside thinking about this movie, so I’m going to stop right here. I’m erasing it from my mind and keep the good stuff from the books. Like the movie never happened.

How about you? Did you watch it? Did you like it? Please share your thoughts, maybe there is a bright side that I’m missing.

Have a great week! 


  1. Haven't seen this movie. I do have the first VA book in my TBR pile, though! (I really need to get around to reading it sometime.) So sorry this adaptation disappointed you! It's far too easy for adaptations like this to screw up the source material, unfortunately...

    1. Oh, you must read this series, Heather! Please read them!!:) But don't watch the movie. Don't say I didn't warn you!:)