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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Criticism is good

Criticism. I’m sure that every one of you is familiar with it. It’s when we hear peoples’ thoughts about our outfit, behavior, lifestyle, or our manuscript. Whichever is the case, the fact is that criticism is never pleasant. But critiques are good and necessary for us in order to be improved. And that’s why we should treat criticism with respect and learn to earn from it. Critiques are gold and it’s time for us to understand it. 

It’s been almost two weeks since I signed up in a critique group and I am excited about it. At first I was afraid, but I wanted to know what people think about my novel and so I submitted the first chapter. I was waiting anxiously to read my first critique and when that happened, my heart was pounding as I was reading those lines. As I kept reading, my emotions were changing fast; surprise, disappointment, sadness, understanding, hope, excitement, happiness. By the time I reached at the end of that text, I knew this was a good thing. This person had spent her precious time, not only reading, but pointing out to me, what she didn’t understand, what she liked and didn’t like. That was good. Then the second critique came and it made me happier. Not because this critique was telling me that my chapter was amazing, but because the person who wrote it, showed me more things that I should pay attention to. She told me about punctuation, grammar, syntax and I needed those things. Critiques kept coming and every one of them had something different to add, something that I hadn’t noticed, or something that I knew I had to fix.

Of course I don’t expect them to edit my whole novel, but they are extremely helpful. They are taking me by the hand and show me the way. That’s what I call support. I do the same for their entries too and I help as much as I can. I may not correct punctuation, but I can tell them my thoughts as a reader and I do the best I can. After all, readers are the hardest of the judges, right?

What I love in the critique group so far, is that people are kind and polite. They write their thoughts carefully wanting to help you and not hurt your feelings. They know how hard it is to write a novel and how hard it is to polish it, make it the best possible. That is really important. They approach your work nicely and they really do the best they can. How beautiful is this?

However, I would probably be lost in the editing world if it weren’t for Nadine Ducca. She was the one who told me how to join a critique group and how to start there. So, a big, big thank you to Nadine. She is a Sci-fi author and here is her amazing blog. You should definitely check it out. :)

So, how do you cope with criticism? Are you in a critique group? Please share your thoughts with me.This is my first post about criticism and I am sure that many will follow.
Happy st. Patrick's day!!


  1. I completely agree about criticism! While certain comments may hurt sometimes, as long as they aren't worded in a cruel way, I am able to accept them and even learn from them...

    1. Hi Heather,
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Yes, I believe we can learn from criticism and I find it really helpful.:)

  2. :-) Yup, that pretty much sums up the Critique Circle experience!

    Aw, and thanks for mentioning me! I'll be happy to help whenever you need something!

    Good post!

  3. Criticism can definitely be helpful. Great post :)

    New follower...

    1. Thank you. I find criticism really helpful, even if it hurts some times. :)

  4. It's also hard to accept, but one must see it as a way of learning something new.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  5. Nice post! I believe that as a writer, whether we like it or not, we need criticism to improve our work. John Donne's 'No man is an island' quote says it better. All we need to do is to develop a thick skin, accept the criticism, then apply what is necessary and leave out the rest.

    I'm in a critique group,, but I haven't been active for sometime. I'm planning to reset my account and start again.

    Why critique group did you join? :)

    1. Yes, we need a thick skin but it's hard at first and we won't like it. It's for the best though.
      All day today I was working on the comments other writers did for my novel. It was a long process but most of the times they were right.
      So the hard skin starts growing and I hope only good can come from this. :)

      I joined Critique Circle and I love this site so far.
      I think resetting that account will be good. Criticism is helpful for every writer. :)
      I wish the best of luck.

    2. I just checked Critique Circle out now. Looks good, and I registered too. I'll check out the features and rules when my internet network becomes OK again.

      Thanks for the link. :)

    3. CC is really amazing. It is build that way that you help and be helped. I'm sure you'll like it.
      I wish a really good start, :)

  6. I agree, but some people are able to give constructive criticism more gently than others, and are more apt to have it received in the spirit it was intended. I'm a person who tends to be open and perhaps too critical at times. I do like to know from a good friend when anything about me needs improvement, though. It's never too late. Thanks for this comment, Athina, but I hope you also receive very positive feedback because you deserve it, and flowers grow so pretty when they're watered.

    1. Hi Kenna,
      Yes, I agree with you. Some maybe be harsh and some gentle. We can't do anything for that but move on.
      Thank you very much for your kind words and for stopping by.
      Have a nice day.