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Friday, May 27, 2016

The act of surviving

I have this friend that I know for many many years. She is a little younger than me, and since I can remember there’s always a cloud above her head. It’s like in her world is always cloudy, so cloudy that I cannot clearly see her anymore.

She’s the most pessimist person I’ve ever met, she’s sad and even when she laughs her eyes are teary and it breaks my heart.

The thing though is that she doesn’t do anything to change it. She won’t listen to any advice, she won’t accept a different opinion; she will just stay passive, idle and literarily mourn her “bad” luck and her damn fate.

The ugly truth is that she’s wasting her life! Time is not on our side, time is an enemy, a dark angel stealing away our youth, our dreams, molds us into becoming something else and despite how much we'll try, we can never go back in time.

Fighting time is a war that we’ll never win, but we do can come out victorious from a battle against time. How? By doing our best; by not wasting it.

I want to grab her by the shoulders and tell her: “Wake up, you’re not becoming any younger, you’re losing the best time of your life, you’re tossing away the best gift that was given to you. Your life!”

Countless times I talked to her about the good things, about the sun rays through the dark clouds in her life, but every time, even if she agrees, even if she knows those things, she lacks motivation.

I don’t know what to do anymore and I fight the urge to be aggressive for if I could, I would look at her straight into the eyes and tell her that:  

“There’s a grave out there for all of us, a deep, ugly grave, cold and its soil is wet. It will cover our cold flesh and slowly swallow us until we’ll be nothing but bones. I don’t look forward to get into that grave, but you? You’re already there, you jumped into the grave and you let it eat you alive. Get out of there! Climb up, you have people around you to help you crawl back up just give them- give us-your fucking hand so we can pull you out!”

Macabre, I know, but this is the ugly truth.

So to you out there and to the future me that will go through dark times again, because this is the circle of life, I want to say this:  

Life is a journey. Some days it will not be windy, or the wind will be against us threatening to damage our sails. Whatever is the case though, one thing is given: If we stop fighting, if we stay idle, we will drown.


  1. It is very hard sometimes to spend time with those people who are so darkly pessimistic it becomes cloudy for us as well, Athina. I guess your friend must suffer from some sort of depression, so she cannot really take a hold of things and make a change on her own.
    I hope she'll realize one day that she actually needs help, and that she'll find the right professional to give her what she needs in order to have a bit less clouds around her head.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. Yes, it is hard, Lexxie, but I don't give up, and I do hope that she will find a professional to give her the help she needs.