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Monday, February 22, 2016

Made of stardust

"We are made of stardust …"

That is how a quote began on Goodreads some days ago and I found myself stopping there, mid-sentence and reading again the same words. We are made of stardust but the magic that gives us life is different.

My stardust is made of stories, consists of little words and sentences that fill my heart and then my mind until I can transform them into words and make more stardust, more little colorful grains of magic that I can share with you.

I hold a book in my hands and as I read I feel stardust floating around me and if I close my eyes for a moment and breathe in, reality fades and I find myself in a new, beautiful universe without boundaries and limitations.

Is it safe for reality to fade? Is it wise? We are not children anymore, we are adults, we have responsibilities and a life to support, but guess what. That's the reason we need more stardust, more pixie dust and more magic. We grow up but we do not choose to age, we mature and being mature doesn't mean to kill the child inside us. We nurture it, embrace it and let it guide us to a fun path.

So cheers to stories, to dark ones that teaches us not to give up, and to those who make us laugh. Cheers to writing and expressing the feelings and concerns that troubles our minds. Cheers to creativity and imagination because life should not be dull and uneventful.

Be the person you were always dreaming of.

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