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Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Birthday Riddle

It's the 28th of November again, which means that I'm getting older! Yep, I can no longer say that I'm 26 even though if you asked me yesterday I probably would have said so! But from this day on I'm facing the truth: I'm 27 and proud!

Last year I shared with you the prologue of the project I was working on , which by the way it's finished, but I need to write draft #2 so let's not talk about it now.

This year I'm giving you a riddle. The two "limericks" below describe two words. So I need those two words that are so precious to me. Can you guess?

Here we go …

I go left but then it smells so I go right and do my best,

I don't stop I move up front but makes me sick so I go wrong.

I am lost and like a leaf, I do that which you seek. Just don't forget the ing. (9 letters)

Look around and what you see? Not the people that you think. Just look deeper into you, found the essence I presume? That is what I mostly need, that which cannot be killed. If you're good it goes up, but if you're not that will be fun. (4 letters)

Leave a comment for the Birthday girl!:)

Cheers to Birthdays!


  1. I'm so incredibly horrible at riddles. I'm guessing the 2nd word is soul. I have absolutely no idea what the first word is, but please tell me! Happy Happy Birthday to you :D

    1. Thank you, Jaclyn! I'll blog about the answer soon enough!
      Have a beautiful month!

      It's almost Christmas!

  2. Happy birthday! I won't be able to say I'm 26 in a matter of months, either. LOL. Hope you enjoy being 27! ;)

    And oh, I've always been terrible at riddles, so I have no idea what to guess for these, I'm afraid! *shifty eyes*

    1. Thank you, Heather!

      Soon to be 27 , huh? So, you know how I'm feeling, right? 27 is a good number! Let's have some fun!;)

  3. So, As Jaclyn says the answer to the second riddle is indeed Soul. Isn't it the essence of life after all? The first word is wandering and if you combine them together you have The Wandering Soul series that I'm working on.

    The year to come I plan to write the final third book and complete a project that I'm working on for so long. So, cheers to Wandering Souls and let your soul wander to new paths and seek new adventures.

    Believe, smile and wander! ;)

  4. LOL I thought of Wandering but it was about 1 of 20 words that popped to mind. I love it!! :D

  5. Wandering is perfect for you and I didn't get it. I got soul though. Miss 27 Year Old, Happy Birthday! That's a great number so I declare it to be a great year too!