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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New and Exciting

"London Baby!"

That's my sister's motto lately since this Friday I will meet her there! I'm excited, I'm flying from happiness despite that my wings are tired and I don't fly as high as I could.

So, London it is and since it's the first time I'll set foot in UK, I've spent this last week researching about bookstores and stuff. Oh, well, once a writer always a writer, right? So I want to go to 221B Baker Street for the obvious reason! (Mr. Sherlock!), to Dorset street where Jack the Ripper killed his last victim and, well, I think you got my point!

I want to go sightseeing and buy books and even if it won't be relaxing, because I want to do as many things as I can, thinking about the trip gives me a peace of mind. The scenery will change, the people, the town, everything will be new, and I hope, fascinating. I want to go there and fill my mind with new experiences and sights, boost my imagination a bit by glancing at a new picture.

There is a story growing in my mind, and one that demands my attention since it needs to be edited, so I hope to clear my mind during this trip and return full of new ideas and maybe even try a different approach in the book I rewrite?

Well, I don't know. All I know is that I look forward to visit London and fill my jars with more magic and fireflies.

So be prepared, when I come back, I will break those damn jars again!


  1. Awesome!! I hope you're planning on sharing some pics with us. I know that I would LOVE that trip. I would have to add a Harry Potter related excursion, but your ideas would be some I'd want to see as well. Have fun!!

    1. A Harry Potter related excursion would be fun, but the thing is I haven't read the books yet. Oh, I know wat you're thinking. I want and I will read them it's just I watched the movies and loved them and then I just forgot about the books. :P It's in my TBR now and I really need to read this series at last!

      I will definitely share pics!
      Thanks for stopping by, Jaclyn!

  2. London? So cool! Hope you've been having fun there! :)