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Monday, April 6, 2015


Six days off work. Almost a week off is starting this Friday and I try to plan my trip back home. You see I'm going to visit my parents so I need one day to go and one to come back. That's two days I'm going to lose on the road! 

That sucks!

Times like this I think of teleportation. How awesome it would be to be able to transfer myself at home in a blink of an eye? Cool, right? 

I pack my clothes and I think of a round metallic thingy by the door of my house. I imagine it round and a white glow comes from its surface. There is a button on its base, to the left, and when my things are ready I place the suitcase on it and press the button. Click, and my suitcase is at home to an identical thingy in the living room of my parents' house.

Then it's my time to go.

I wear my coat, grab my purse and one click later I'm home too! Oh, did I forget my glasses? Click, and I'm back home to get them. No harm done! Easy and fast.

I know, I know, a girl can dream, but isn't that thought better than six hours riding the bus, and then getting on the ferry only to reach at home and crash on the sofa barely managing to pull the dog out of my face before it sticks its paws all over me, barking and wagging its tail?

I know that the trip worth more than the destination but it's just some times when all you want to do is get there. Either it's a trip home, or a project you've been working on for so long, teleportation sometimes is the answer.

Don't yoy agree? 


  1. Oh I'm so on board with you and teleportation. It would solve a lot of problems. Not only do the days of traveling stink, but it sucks out extra days of my vacation time just to get where I want to have a vacation. Loved the imagery :D

    1. It surely stinks, Jaclyn! Cheers to teleportation!

      Thanks for stopping by! :D

  2. Teleportation would be a dream come true, for sure. Hope you enjoy your vacation, even though some of it will be stuck on the road!