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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lullaby by Amanda Hocking


So, I read book number 2. Lullaby, what a great title, right? Given what I read in book 1 I pictured the sea shining under the moonlight and a beautiful song sounding from the pit of the world, like magic, calling people to its trap.

And yes, there was a song, and the gorgeous sirens and a beautiful night sky but once again, I felt like there was a wall between me and the story. I couldn't connect with the characters even if they were good characters. Harper too despite that she is a control freak. But there is this space between me and the story that I don't really know where it comes from. I can't place the thing that keeps me distant, but something truly does.

Maybe it's just that I find their reactions and dialogues kind of too much, too commentary and I'll dare to say fake (I'm sorry). It's like the characters are trying to explain us every move they make. But hey, they made a move, we get it! We need noting more than to see the move. So, maybe what really pushes me away is the telling vs showing.

I believe that this series so far is telling us Gemma's story when all it had to do was to show us. And the thing is that Amanda Hocking has created beautiful scenes in this one too, but it's not enough to make me connect and tear down the wall that keeps me away.

I keep thinking that if there were more developments, maybe I wouldn't feel so disconnected, but the pace is slow and on top of that the characters keep making foolish decisions. And I want to grab them by the hair and bang them on a wall praying that it will give then some new perspective! (Sorry but it is frustrating!) When your life is in danger the survival instinct kicks in and people can do all kind of things in order to stay alive. I'm addressing to you, Gemma!

So I wasn't convinced. I think that's the best way to sums up my thoughts about Lullaby.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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