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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

On Writing: Bursting out of you

So, here I am reading a chapter from the story I'm currently writing. It's that dark one with the almost crazy MC who refused to tell me her name even if I had written 30K words! Stubborn one, I'm telling you. But it worth the waiting. I give her that!

Anyway, as I keep reading one chapter after the other, I start seeing a pattern. Not about the story or the plot, but about the simple stuff, the details of the story. You know, a second character's appearance, parts of the stories they share, or the starting theme of a chapter. Those little things that maybe at first seem detached but as the story goes on they fall into place. I didn't notice it until this moment but those parts were more than random choices.

So what I realized, or better yet what I confirmed, while reading those chapters is that writing is so much more than telling a story. It's like scraps of ourselves, of our experiences, scattered on the story like chocolate chips on ice cream.

And when I say experiences I don't necessarily mean that crazy road trip or the awesome vacations you spent last year on some island. It could be as simple as watching a movie or a video on YouTube, or discussing a topic with friends or going for a walk.

Integrated in my story I found some thoughts I had about an awesome TED talk I watched weeks earlier. The MC's back story suddenly expanded from an idea that came to mind when I was reading a book and a new character was introduced due to a series I am watching.

So, the point is this: A story is not just a make-believe story you have to think and write down. There has to be a connection between you and the story, and the more you find yourself connected with your writing, the more the reader will feel it too.

Don't be afraid to let your emotions, thoughts and even your concerns to be reflected in your story. Let it burst out of you. 

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