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Friday, March 24, 2017

New Approach

Here’s the thing. I’m going through a creative procrastination phase. Yes, that’s a real thing, so let me elaborate. 

Writing, and I’m counting since I seriously decided to write and learn about the craft, has been my life. To the first waking hour until late at night when I would lie in bed, many times even after lying down, my mind couldn’t stop thinking, exploring, imagining and mentally writing the stories that would get hold of me and wouldn't let go. 

And it was so fun and so exceptionally thrilling that I felt addicted. The more it grew on me the more passionate I was, the more I searched and read and wrote. It was a creative madness in all its glory. 

And then you know what happens, right? 

Then you wake up one day and there’s only darkness. The light has gone away and you realize that it  was a flickering candle from the start, but to you, it was bright like the sun. All the thoughts, the ideas and even the words or stories that have been written, all of it, seems wrong, or not as exciting as it was before, or less than what you expected. 

You doubt yourself, you curl up in the corner, you hide the words so no one will read them and you sink in depression and self-doubt. 

But guess what? After that dark side of the craft, you emerge again, brighter than you were before and your mind is filled with new and exciting ways to make the story work. 

At that moment, something different happened to me. 

I felt like waking up form some deep sleep and I realized that I needed time. Time to do all those other things that I put on hold, I needed time to experience life, to get inspired and take my face off some book and put it into everyday life. 

So this is what I'm doing. I'm gathering info, expanding my knowledge, giving time to discover new approaches and even if its seems that I'm procrastinating, the task is still active in the back of my mind.

The stories are dancing in my subconscious, a freestyle dance, that changes and evolves each passing day. Some time off now and then helps us see things clearly, so take a moment, take a step back and don't be afraid to stop. Even for just a moment.

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  1. I'm very well-acquainted with that darkness. Glad you've managed to escape it enough to have stories dancing inside your mind again!