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Sunday, January 29, 2017


Do you ever seek silence? And I don't mean just to sit alone in a comfortable sofa, in a semi-lighted room and drink some tasty, red wine.

Silence isn't always about being alone but being at peace.

I seek silence every morning while I head to work. Getting on an off public transportation can be very tiring, especially when you have eight hours of work ahead of you and then one more hour to get back home.

So silence is like that precious little gem that was given to you by a loved one, and you guard it in your heart, keep it in the safest place while you pray not to ever lose it.

Silence though slips away, falls between the cracks of the day and as much as you try to grasp it, it keeps getting away. 

I need silence, I need those precious moments, where even if I'm in the most crowded  train, squeezed in a corner, having someone's backpack a few inches off my face, I'm all alone.

I'm lost somewhere inside my brain, sometimes thinking or dreaming or just be there emptying my mind of everything. And it feels like floating like those dreams where you fly above the world, weightless and untroubled.

The noises don't bother me anymore since I can't hear them and it feels like almost being there, like I'm somehow divided. My body is there but my soul is miles and miles away exploring new things and ideas.

I often get inspired in the train, moments like that I mentally work on my projects, or I spot the changes I want to perform in my WIP. And I know that its because of that silence, of that feeling of total peace and quiet, despite I'm not really alone.

After sinking in that kind of silence I feel more aware of my life, more energized. It's like taking a step back, evaluating your path and then you move ahead having regain control of those little things in your life you should not take for granted.

Silence maybe holds the answers you seek.

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