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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


There are many people in our lives. 

There are those who are bound to us like parents, sisters, brothers, cousins and uncles. Those are the people we didn’t choose, but we somehow “inherited” since we came to their lives and they came to ours without any consent.

Then there are those we encounter while growing up. Friends, lovers, colleagues and those whom we just kindly wave as we pass by the halls, many times not even knowing their names.

You cannot deny that there are many people in our lives, but have you ever think of those who you don’t actually know? And still they are a part of your everyday life.

Every morning I wake up the same hour, I get dressed and I hurry to catch the same train to work. And it’s not just me. So, I do see the same people, every morning, heading to their destination and even if I don’t know them, they are a part of my routine. If that was the play I was staring, those people would be just members of the cast, just as I am in their play.  

There is this old lady, always dressed in a skirt and a brown coat. Her hair is short, perfectly combed and her puffy cheeks are red. She always has a serious look on her face and she just stares around. She gets off one stop before I do. 

Then there’s this guy with a long pony tail and always dressed in dirty sweatpants who doesn’t hesitate to sit on the train floor if no seat is available. He’s occupied with a tablet and he looks calm. 

One that fascinates me is a woman who applies her make up in the train. She sits on the first available seat, takes off her purse a small make up kit, and she starts. She applies the foundation, then she moves to the eyes, applying brown eye shadow and always finishes with the lips. I admire her skills and patience for I could never do that in a train. 

Who are those people that you don't know but you see each and everyday?


  1. Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
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  2. Because I'm self-employed, I don't leave the house that often, and am not all that observant on top of that, so I'm not too aware of the people around me, I must admit. I know I'm not the norm when it comes to that, though. LOL.