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Friday, October 23, 2015

Police by Jo Nesbo

Oh, Nesbo, Nesbo, Nesbo.

This time I am not frustrated with Harry Hole but with Jo himself! Oh, yeah! I mean really? After all those books and adventures we shared, this is how you decide to play it? This is how you treat me?

From the beginning of the book I felt tightness in my heart and cold sweat beaded my forehead. 

But let's go back to the beginning ... before it gets ugly!

I hadn't read a Harry Hole book in a while and I had truly missed him. So I picked up Police and started reading. Not having read the previous one I found myself wondering what the F was going on. 

What I was reading didn't make any sense because it was not possible! I couldn't trust those words. I kept reading, flipping page after page, and I'm telling you, this one was the most thrilling story about Harry I've read so far.

And then things were back on track and but our killer was too hard to get and pretty soon I found myself sweating again, clenching my fists and I kept reading and reading until everything fall apart! 

It shattered. My world shattered and I let the curses out. Seriously, if I wasn't reading an e-book, I would have sent the book flying from a window or something. This is how angry I was at that moment!

I want to spill the beans and tell you all about it, but I hate spoilers and that's why I won't tell you details, but I will say that this book both thrilled me and pissed me off and even if I enjoyed it, I didn't at the same time, which is so confusing and irritating. Oh, damn. This book ripped me apart!

If you've read Nesbo's books you know about his great writing skills and his plotting magnificence, but this one, this one was a bit better. It may be me that I was craving for a Harry Hole book but then again the contradictory feelings that surfaced when reading this one was something I have never felt before in a Harry Hole story.

So, these are pretty much my thoughts on Police and I do dare you to read it and get angry too.

For those who have read it, oh, please share your thoughts.

Until the next one, enjoy the quotes:

"Intuition is only the sum of many small but specific things the brain hasn't managed to put a name to yet." 

"Like a scar, a limp. An echo. A reminder that nothing disappears in its entirety, everything leaves a trace in some way, somewhere. Like childhood. People you have known. Something you ate and you couldn't tolerate. A passion you had. Cellular memory." 

"The human brain is four-dimensional labyrinth. Everyone's been there;no one knows the way."

"He was going to die. It was suddenly such an inalienable fact that a chill washed through his body and it became more difficult to move, as though rigor mortis had already set in."

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