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Monday, February 9, 2015

On Writing: Running out of fuel

I'm sure you've heard what they say about writing and reading, right? If you don't have time to read, you don't have time to write. What they don't say though is this: if the book you read don't inspire you, then writing is dragging.

I don't know if it's just me and my bad mood for reading, but recently the books I choose don't have that sparkle of inspiration I need. Thank God I read Gone Girl and there was a wildfire to keep me going, but now that the book has finished, the smoldering fire is not enough. I feel like I'm running out of fuel.

When I read a book that thrills me, a book that hooks me and blows my mind, the need to write increases. The more I read the more I want to write and all the walls I faced before seem to disappear. 
It's just that when I read a book that moves me, I feel like my subconscious is building up my story while I read. Does this make any sense?

The book I'm currently reading doesn't fall under the great inspirational story I need, but I notice that it helps me move my story forward. I'm just impatient and a little bit spoiled from Flynn's books, I guess.

But for what I am absolutely positive is that reading the genre you're writing is rule number one. Not because you will copy stuff, you don't want that, no one wants that. It's just while reading a story familiar to the one you're writing, you get to see things that you haven't thought. You notice details and facts that you may have forgotten and it's like doing a research by reading and enjoying a similar book than the one you want to write. You experience similar feelings with those you want to cause to your readers and if you add these things up together ... you grow.

You grow as a reader because you spot the things the author is planting, wanting to misguide you, confuse you, and you also grow as a writer because you get the hint of what works and what doesn't. 
You acquire a new perspective.

So my tip on writing today is this:
Pick a book in the same genre you're writing. See if it can light up the fireworks.

If it does find time to devour it and time to write. If it doesn't pick another one or try to find the inspiring parts of the story you chose. There's always something in there to trigger your mind.

Happy Monday!


  1. I agree, it's always inspiring to read in the same genre you work in. I've been gravitating toward horror lately for this very reason, haha. (Not because of EE, obviously. A different project.) I don't have much time to read lately, but when I do, it's usually fun! :)

    Good luck finally finding some books that ignite inspiration in you again!

    1. Ooh, horror? I'm curious to see what horrors you have for us, Heather! lol
      I don't have time either, but I try! So, cheers to trying!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I always have a book with me. Even at work I'm comforted that my current read is waiting for me in my car. And I can't write without having a book at the ready too, but it doesn't need to thrill me or knock my socks off. Also, lately it usually can't be in the same genre. I love reading contemporary romance if I have to write something violent and sad. Not that I stay in those worlds for long.

    I hope you fall into a read that sucks you and throws you into the sky so you can fly.

    1. Uh, sucks you in and throws you...typo. hehe

    2. I have my e-reader with me all the time and if I'm not reading an e-book, I have a book in my purse. It's really comforting. :)
      It's a good thing you read romance while writing something violent. In my case is all about dark and mystery stuff lately since I'm writing that dark project.
      But I started reading a different one today, more girly but with a dash of darkness. We'll see!

      Have a great week!!