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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Writing Process Blog Hop!

It’s a blog hop! YAY! Who doesn’t love blog hops, right?
The amazing, Robyn Jones asked me to join this blog hop about the writing process and how could I deny? I love reading about WIPs and ideas and since I was pretty busy the previous week I have a lot to catch up.

But first a big thank you to Robyn, whose posts are so real and wonderful that I find my face all over the screen so I can absorb every little detail of the story she has to tell us, each and every time. And of course the crazy Maggie Lane and her Shadows are waiting to pull you in a beautiful world were fangs have a role to play. Here are Robyn’s books and blog and Twitter. Swim, Robyn. Swim and I will fly!:)

What am I working on?
The last months I'm working on the sequel of my YA book, titled Damaged. It's the second book in the Wandering Souls series and I’m very excited. Meg's worlds are completely unbalanced and while she tries to realize what’s going on, I'm having so much fun with the unexpected developments.

I hope I can finish Damaged and release Divided as soon as I can.

How does my work differ from others in the genre(s)?
There is this thing with me and many of my friends will tell you that is annoying. Most of the times I figure out what's going on in a story sooner than I am supposed to. So the story is ruined and sometimes I accidentally ruin it for others. I plead guilty! Maybe my brain is trained to notice the little details and even the slightest hint can make my mind spin. That’s why I try my stories to be unpredictable and honestly, anything can happen. As they say: We have to kill our darlings.

Why do I write YA fantasy?
I love fantasy. I love it because there are no boundaries. A mind can go wild and beautiful things can be created. I started writing the Wandering Souls series just because the story came to me. It was like a whisper in my ear, a summer night that I was half asleep. I knew it would be fantasy from the first opening line that came to my mind. Then I was free to make the story explode. I love a good adventure and especially in a world with magic!

How does my writing process work?
I've said this again. I don't hurry to write a story, or a chapter or anything. I let it grow in my mind and then one day I’m ready to write it down. Even if it is only a paragraph. Upon I have started writing I follow the same rule. What if I happen to drive my character on the edge of a cliff? She can always jump. I love stories that make my heart pound and make me wonder: what the hell just happened? I try to excite my readers and have them on alert as much as I can.

That’s my writing process and I’ve missed my writing. I hope to find some time to write this week. Writing is a peace of mind.

Next week Heather Holden will continue the hop. Heather R. Holden is a comic writer and artist, who currently runs the Greek myth-based webcomic Echo Effect. I am a fan! I met her through the blogosphere and I immediately started visiting her blog. Her characters are so much fun! When I found sometime, I went back to the beginning and read every single strip. Nicholas and Coco make me smile and the developments keep me interested. I’m dying to know what will happen next!

You can find Heather here: Website, Blog, Twitter, Tumblr

D A Botta recently published a collection of 200 poems, entitled There in Them Blues (2014).  D A has published 3 novels in a fantasy series, Elyzian Chronicles: Hysteriata (2011) Sinfluence (2012) and Sycamortem (2013), which use a blend of witchcraft, magic, tarot, astrology and mythology to create a rich experience of the protagonist's struggle with love, power, loss, and destiny He is currently working on the fourth in the series Hexamtyr which is expected to be completed in the fall of 2014.

He is a Twitter friend and a passionate writer. I can't wait to read his books and let the magic drive me to unknown adventures.

You can find Dustin here: Twitter/ Website/ Amazon


  1. Thank you for the beautiful introduction, Athina! I'm so glad you joined the hop. You've always pulled me into your writing process. I just know you're going to kill your darlings! I think that's one of the reasons you love TWD so much. You have no idea who they're going to kill off! I don't care if I'm nutty for straight up HEA's. I will love your books even if there is no one standing at the end. Yep.

    I love that the story lives in your head until it finds its way to your computer. Miss Old Soul, you let the story have its way. And you are such a magic girl, I can't wait to fall into your Wandering Souls world.

    Oh, and I'm sold on Heather's comic. I have to check it out. I hope your busy week opens up enough for you to fly! Wonderful post, Athina!!

    1. :) Thank you, Robyn.

      You're right. That's exactly the reason I love TWD and most of all GoT! You never know what's coming!

      Oh, you should visit Heather's blog. You're gonna love Nicholas and Coco.

      Have a wonderful Thursday!

    2. I haven't fallen into GoT yet. Maybe I'll like it now that TWD has acclimated me to massive cast casualties. Have you read the TWD comics?

    3. Oh, you should fall into GoT! I love this series! :)

      No, I haven't read TWD comics. I haven't really thing about reading them plus a friend said that the comics are too brutal! I don't know, maybe sometime I'll get them in my hands. Have you read them?

  2. Good luck with Damaged! I think it's very smart of you to work on that before releasing the first book. It will help lessen the stress later!

    And I know what you mean about predictable stories. I'm often able to predict what will happen ahead of time, too. Also, I completely agree with you about fantasy. It's such a fun genre! Then again, everything is always more fun with a little bit of magic thrown in... ;)

    And aw, thanks for your kind comments about my characters! :)

    1. It's frustrating to predict the story, right? :)
      I look forward to read your post next week.
      Have a great weekend, Heather.

    2. Definitely frustrating! (Unfortunately, haha.) And thanks! I already have the post scheduled so I don't forget. :)

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