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Monday, August 19, 2013


Harry Hole is back! Well, I’m back with more Harry Hole to discuss, and I really can’t wait. 

Jo Nesbo managed, one more time, to keep me alert, anxious and he made me travel with him in Harry’s world, where nothing is ever as it seems. 

Join me in a spoiler free discussion about this amazing thriller. But be careful, it might be addictive.

Today’s book is Nemesis and Harry is just a mess.

Everything starts with a bank robbery. A man caught on CCTV shooting dead a cashier and detective Hole begins his investigation. This could be a simple case but everything changes when Harry wakes up with no memory of the past twelve hours, only to find that the girl he had dinner with last night was found dead under mysterious circumstances. And as if this wasn’t enough, Harry receive threatening emails. Is someone trying to frame him for her death?

This books starts in the most amazing way. I read it three times before I could move to the next chapter. It starts with The Plan. We’re in the cashier’s head right before she dies. 

I’m going to die. And it makes no sense. That wasn’t the plan, not my plan anyway. I have been heading this way all the time without realizing. It wasn’t my plan. My plan was better. My plan made sense.

And with these few words Nesbo trapped me inside Harry’s new adventure.

In this book, my beloved inspector hit rock bottom. Anna is dead after spending her night with him. But Harry can’t speak about it. He was no memory, everything is just a blur. The investigation about the murder on the bank continues but so does the robberies. He needs to be focused, to find the killer, but how can he when someone threatens to reveal his involvement in Anna’s case? How can he solve one mystery when his life is a mystery too? What happened with Anna? Could he have hurt her?

We follow Harry as he tries to untangle a messy knot of events and he has a lot to deal with. Too may question wait to be answered. But I got my answers at the end and I enjoyed travelling with Harry one more time. It was different story than The Snowman, but it was extremely good. I loved the multiple POV’s and, in Nemesis, I loved the chapters where I could actually read some of the characters’ thoughts. It moved the story in another level and I found myself fascinated by it.

I also loved, Beate Lonn, a very interesting character with a unique ability to remember every face she has seen. She is Harry’s colleague and she is a video expert. Beate is a very powerful character even if she is a shy woman.

In few words, Nemesis is a thriller worth reading. Think about it. :)

Well, that’s it. Harry Hole even if he was at his worst, with no memory and accused for murder, he managed to make me stick with him so my next stop will be The Redbreast and can’t wait to read more of his adventures.

How about you? Have you read Harry’s stories yet? Do you enjoy Nesbo’s writing. I know I love it. Tell me about it.


  1. I'm on the waiting list for Nesbo at my library! It's a long list, so it will be a few months. Harry must be such a great character to be at his worst and you still stick with him! I like how you describe Beate. I've read a handful of straight up mysteries, but thrillers are new to me. Great review, Athina! You have me convinced.

    1. Yes, I remember that you're on the waiting list. :) I hope you'll enjoy it.

      Harry is a great character. I loved him right away. Well for me mysteries and thrillers are pretty much the same. :)

      I haven't read horror yet. I am looking for a good one.

      Thanks for stopping by, Robyn.Have a great week.

  2. Great review, Athina. I like the way you talk about Harry. He seems like a real detective and not a character from a book. I'll look out for this book; I like reading mysteries. I hope to post my review on Jonathan Kellerman's Billy Straight soon. It features a good female detective, Petra Connor.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Sadly Harry is just a character but a good one. :) You should read one of his adventures.
      Hmmm, a female detective, nice. I've read Deaver's series with Kathrine Dance. She was very good too. There is one book I've missed. I need to read it soon. :)
      I look forward for your review. I love mysteries too.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kaykay.