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Monday, May 27, 2013


June is coming soon and I was thinking it would be nice to make a change on my blog, but I couldn’t think of something particular. When it hit me. I can’t decide though if I should do it or not. I’m having a dilemma. I’m uploading this post late today, but now I had the chance to be online and I didn’t want to waste any time.

I would appreciate your opinion. I'd love you to tell me what do you think. So, here it goes.

I was online, reading the 400-word story from Kaykay, when I remembered he had said that he got the idea from another blogger, Uzoma. I think it’s a really good idea to upload each week a new part from a story. I personally like it a lot and I enjoy Kaykay’s story.

Some of you also know that I’m struggling to edit my first book, Dazed. Editing is a long and painful task and I feel exhausted. Plus, my second book is waiting for five months already to be edited too. But there are so much to be done and the waiting line is too long.  I hate having my books collecting e-dust and I hate that I can’t share it with others. 

So, I thought … what if I would upload my second book on my blog? What if I submitted every week a new small chapter? Would it be bad to share with you my first rough draft? Is the first draft of a book supposed to be locked and hidden until we edit it again and again and again?

I’m asking you … would you read a first draft or would you think that it’s not good? 

I don’t know what to do. I want to share it with you. Please tell me your thoughts. I really want to know what do you think. 


  1. I agree with you that editing 'is a long and painful task' It makes me feel exhausted too, and sometimes I begin to wonder if I'll ever be done with it. I like the idea of uploading a story bit by bit every week on the blog. Apart from it being a good concept, I think it's also a good way to practice creative writing.

    Somehow, I cringed at the thought of wanting to share the whole of your second book on your blog. Although there's nothing wrong in it, but I don't think I can do it - maybe it's because I'm a bit selfish with stories :( So, I'll advise you to wait, and when you're done with editing Dazed, then you begin to edit the second book. Or if you can, get a beta reader exchange chapters with them, at least then you have someone else seeing your work and not just dust alone.

    As for a story for your blog, you can always come up with a new story idea. I'd to see what you'll come up with. :)

    ps: those are my suggestions, you're not obliged to agree with them.

  2. I think that's a good idea, Athina. I've seen other authors do that with their books/stories and it's a form of generating interest before the book is actually published, too. Of course, do what you're comfortable with. Often the finished version doesn't look anything at all like the draft, we all know that.

    1. I agree with both of you and that's why I can't decide.
      I'd love to have my second book edited, but with the current pace, even Dazed isn't going to be finished soon, Kaykay.
      And yes, Kenna we all know that the finished version doesn't look anything at all like the first draft. You're absolutely right.
      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. I'll see if anyone else comments too. I'd like to see if I'll gather more 'positives' or 'negatives' opinions.

  3. I've seen experienced writers share their books on blogs, but I'd be cautious. That being said, I love your prologue! If you're looking for feedback then certainly sharing the draft on your blog would be a good idea. But remember that it's YOUR book and you don't have to take an opinion if you consider it and it doesn't sound right. I think you're getting too caught up in other people's opinions, Athina. It's also not a good idea to edit your own book. If you can possibly afford to get DAZED professionally edited then do so, and the same with the second book. Just go ahead and have fun with them or you're going to get burned out.

    1. Yes, I know I have to be careful. I can't afford a professional editor now, but I do the editing with help from Critique Circle. People read my chapters and tell me their opinions and some are really useful.
      Thank you so much for sharing your opinion here. :)
      I'll have to think more on sharing Divided on the blog. I am looking for feedback. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. We'll chat again. :)

  4. Hi, Athina. I just received this in my inbox from Rachelle Gardner's site. It talks about this same topic. I'm yet to read all the comments there, though, but you might find it helpful.

    1. Hi Kaykay,
      Thank you so much for sending me this link. I'll check it out. :)
      Have a super day.