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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm just wondering...why??

I am a little disappointed about a “separation” that takes place between the regular publishing and self-publishing. Looking around the internet I saw that many sites and blogs that accept books for review can’t review self-published work.

And I am wondering now…if someone has a literature agent or a publisher, wouldn’t be easier to advertise his novel? Of course he would need a review but he would have already made a step in that world. On the other hand someone who writes and edits alone finds it harder to appear in the world. And don’t give me wrong. I am not talking about money. I am referring to put your story out there. This is, I believe, what a writer wants, this is what I want; to entertain and keep the reader excited with my work.

I admire the good writers and I believe that we will be amazed from their future work but…I can’t help but wonder. New authors don’t deserve a fair chance? I strongly believe that somewhere around us there are more than one persons who can make us chill with their amazing story or their will rock our world with the stunning novel they will create. Don’t you believe that we should check them out? Of course their work may not be perfect at the beginning and their first novel may not be unforgettable but…is this reason to ignore them?

I hope I didn’t offend someone. This wasn’t my intention. I’m just wondering and writing my thoughts. So what are your thoughts on this?

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